Financial Resources

Free Worksheets

Goal Setting (Doc) – Develop goals in seven unique areas of your life.

FAQ’s (link) – Have a question?  See if we have answered it here.

Basic Beginner Budget (Excel) – Use this basic budget form to begin tracking where you want to spend money before the month begins.

Monthly Budget (Excel) – Use this file to create a monthly budget.  You will be able to see what money is coming in each month, create a detailed monthly budget and then allocate each expense to a specific payday.  Even though this level of detail may be uncomfortable at first, the payoff is well worth it.

Recommended Percentages (PDF) – These are recommended percentages for how much of your income should be spend on various items like housing, giving, transportation, etc.

College Savings Worksheet (Excel) – How much do you need to save each month in order to reach the goal of sending your children to college without a loan?

Financial To-Do Checklist (PDF) – This worksheet shows you all the things we recommend that our clients do, such as wills, life insurance, debt-reduction, retirement planning, etc.

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